Mobile App for parent-teacher communication

Bridge the communication gap between parents, teachers, students and school management with real-time information sharing using K12App.

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Enhanced Communication


Higher Parent Engagement


Time Saving


Enhanced Student Learning

Cool facts

Why mobile app is important for parents

Mobile app allow parents to track their child’s attendance, grades, homework, assignments, fee and remarks from anywhere, anytime!

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Helps to enhance parent engagement

Successful communication between parents and school encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s education and school activities.

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Creates a collaborative environment

Mobile app helps to create a total online echo system for all the stakeholders’ of the school helping them to take informed decisions.

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24/7 availability of information

No matter where you are, mobile app helps to track student information from anywhere, anytime on any device.

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Cool facts

Why mobile app for parents?

Mobile app allow real time communication between parent, teachers, students and school management which helps to develop positive attitude in students towards their school.

  • Transparent and real time communication.

  • Parents can track school information of their child.

  • Easy online payment option for paying school fees.

Benefits of mobile app
Mobile app improves communication with parents.
Helps to track student information from anywhere.
Helps to enhance student learning.