- School app for parents

A secure way to track school information

Track attendance, grades, homework, complaints, k12-diary and school fees from the safety of your home.

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Key features
K12App provides a secure and easy access to track school information like attendance, homework, k12-diary, exam, school fees and online class from the safety of your home.
Track Attendance

Get notified if your ward is absent.

Review Homework/Assignment

Get daily homework updates.

Track Remarks/Rewards

Track your ward’s remarks/rewards.

Pay School Fee Online

From the safety of your home.

Get Notifications

Never miss any school information.

Parent-Teacher communication

K12-Diary for instant communication

View Circulars/Notice

Never miss any school information.

Download Report Card

Instantly download report card.

Track School Bus Location

Ensure safety of your child.

Live Online Classes

Platform for live virtual classes.

Classroom Lesson Content

Access shared content and videos.

Online Exam and Assessment

Hassle-free exams and assessment.

Cool stats

Just a few numbers

K12App helps to create a total online echo system for all the stakeholders’ parents, teachers, students and school management for real time communication, homework sharing and online classes.


Happy users






"Very nice app for K12 education system. What I love so much is its good, easy and very friendly interface. Live session with already scheduled notifications given previously. And also option to upload video from gallery, which is easy for teachers to check the audio video quality, size etc. It is easy for students to study and complete the assignments."

Ajay Dcruze (Teacher) - K. R. School, Bettiah

"In school clouser due to pandemic, the K12 app is a convenient n comfortable alternative for core academic activities. It trains us new skill with ease and give a paradigm shift. I would like to extend thanks to our respected principal for providing us this innovative platform."

Neelam Shah (Teacher) - St. Xavier's higher secondary school, Bettiah

"It's a very good and fantastic app. Online classes and interaction with teachers is very cool. Some othet apps provide with online classes with taking a lot of upgradation and make a mess. But this, this is fantastic with a very less MB's app. Just fantastic and mindblowing. Three cheers for K12 app and diksha online software. Hip,hip,hurrah!"

Pratik Shrivastava (Parent) - St. Xavier's higher secondary school, Bettiah

"Itz a very user friendly app. One can handle it easily. At this crucial circumstance (lockdown) this app will definitely be proved ambrosia for the students and teachers. K. R. Family pays gratitude with whole heartedly."

Deepak Henry (Teacher) - K. R. School, Bettiah