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K12App is the easiest way to manage school online and drive exceptional parental engagement.

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Some amazing benefits of school mobile app.

Higher Parent Engagement
Increased Time Saving
Higher Cost Saving
Enhanced Student Learning

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School Mobile App Features

School mobile app allows to perform various administrative tasks on the go and enhance communication among all the stakeholders.

Manage Attendance

Automate student attendance.

Share Homework

Share homework with a click.

Automate School Fees

Collect school fees online.

Share Grade Book

Share report card in minutes.

Track Disciplinary Remarks

Track student behavior.

Track Student Info

Access student information.

Enhance Communication

Stay connected with parents.

Send Dues Reminder

Remind parents to pay school fees.

Manage Lesson Plan

Create lesson plan on the go.

Share e-Content

Share content, videos and files.

Take Live Online Classes

Manage online classes with ease.

Conduct Online Exams

Take hassle-free exams.

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