- Mobile app for parents

An easy way to track student information

Mobile app for parents provides an easy way to track student information and pay school fees from the comfort of home.

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Features of mobile app for parents

Mobile app is a great tool for parents that allows them to track their child’s attendance, grades, homework, school fees and remarks from anywhere, anytime!

Student Attendance

Track student attendance.

Homework Assignment

Get information about homework.

Online School Fees

Pay school fees online.


Get alert for school information.

Online Report Card

View and download report card.


Stay connected with school.

Student Info

Track complete information.

Academic Calendar

Check school events and activities.

Online Classes

Track online class attendance.


Get instant messages from school.

Online Exams

Track student performance.


Help your child to learn lessons.

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Cool facts

Why mobile app is important for parents

Mobile app allow parents to track their child’s attendance, grades, homework, assignments, fee and remarks from anywhere, anytime!

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Helps to enhance parent engagement

Successful communication between parents and school encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s education and school activities.

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Creates a collaborative environment

Mobile app helps to create a total online echo system for all the stakeholders’ of the school helping them to take informed decisions.

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24/7 availability of information

No matter where you are, mobile app helps to track student information from anywhere, anytime on any device.